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  • We're Locally Owned and Operated...

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    3 reasons we do it better...

    1. We're a locally owned and operated agency with offices in Bartlesville and Tulsa. Our service radius extends up to the Kansas state line. All decisions and interactions are made locally.
    2. We are licensed and insured and all of our in-home care providers are extremely understanding, skilled and experienced in caring for the elderly. We carefully screen our staff with extensive background checks.
    3. Our five star agency is ranked in the top 8% in the nation. We’ve been voted the “Best of Bartlesville” for three years and counting. We employ a dedicated team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and home health aides to help your loved ones live comfortably and safely at home. In addition, we work with contracted physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to provide services
  • A Letter From Our Owner...

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    Shanda Minson



    Shanadoa Home Health


    Dear Friend,


    In 2007 I decided to follow my heart and open a home health agency. Not just any home health, but one where focus was providing the quality of healthcare I would want my family to receive.


    Years later, as my dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, I was privileged enough to be by his side as home care and hospice staff came in to care for my father and the entire family. It was at that time I truly realized the difference between treating a patient and treating a person. Experiencing this on a personal level, I now truly know what it's like to receive care in your home and the fulfillment, reward and exhaustion that goes with being a caregiver.


    Our goal is for our patients to not only receive care but to participate in their care. We want you to make your own choices and to set goals that are important to you. We are here to guide and support you on your path to a successful recovery. For caregivers, we want to enhance the fulfillment and rewards and give you the resources you need to avoid burnout and assist your family members in achieving the highest level of independence possible.


    My second desire was to provide a workplace where clinicians can provide the care and do the job that they dreamed of when they chose the health care field as their profession. Every one of us has a story that led us to taking care of others. I love that I am able to facilitate clinicians to follow that ministry in a way that allows them to care for people and develop relationships with their patients while assisting them to achieve their goals. It is as rewarding to us as it is beneficial to you.

    I hope that with this explanation of my journey through healthcare and my dreams of what healthcare should be, you will see how honored we are that you have considered us to be your home health provider. We strive to exceed expectations and want you to reach the goals that mean the most to you while maintaining the highest level of professional standards.


    If any time you would like to share a compliment, complaint or suggestion I would love to hear from you.


    You can reach me at the office (918) 331-0800 or via email at shanda@shanadoahh.com


    Shanda Minson

    Owner / Administrator

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    Voice: (918) 331-0800

    Fax: (918) 331-0805


    Owner - Shanda@shanadoahh.com

    Administrator - Tkaler@shanadoahh.com

    Clinical - Jnevins@shanadoahh.com

    Marketing - Mary@shanadoahh.com

    Intake - Crystal@shanadoahh.com

    Complimentary consultations and assessments.



    2448 E 81st St #1400

    Tulsa, OK 74137



    4160 SE Adams Rd

    Bartlesville, OK 74006