• Home Health


    The greatest benefit of home health care is peace of mind. At Shanadoa Home Health, it is our goal to provide you with exactly this. We offer the very best, compassionate care for the elderly. We help our clients improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

  • Home Health Qualifications

    The patient must be essentially homebound, meaning trips away from the home must be infrequent or of short duration. Medicare does allow trips outside of the home for religious services and medical treatment. Care must be intermittent (part time), medically necessary, and ordered/approved by your physician. The patient must have a skilled need.

    Home Health Advantages

    • Reduces the cost of your health care
    • Increases the efficiency of the medical services prescribed by your doctor
    • May reduce the length and cost of hospitalization by allowing earlier discharge
    • Often prevents admission to nursing homes
    • Individual plan of treatment
    • Freedom to choose and participate in their Plan of Care in the home
    • Continuity of family relationships
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