• Advantage Program Qualifications

    To receive AdVantage program services, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

    • Meet the financial eligibility requirements & qualify for SoonerCare

    • Have a nursing facility level of care criteria as determined by nursing staff of the Aging Services Division.

    • Be age 65 or older OR

    • Be age 21 or older with a physical disability OR

    • Be age 21 to 65 with a developmental disability without having an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment related to the development disability

    • Be determined to meet the Nursing Facility institutional level of care by

    • Reside in his or her own home or family member's home.

    • Have needs that can be safely met with waiver services and family or community supports.

    You can apply for services by called 1-800-435-4711 and completing a 10-15 minute phone interview. You may also apply by contacting your local OKDHS county office.

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